Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

The theme this year was loneliness so I asked Red Group how you can stop feeling lonely.  They said they would play with their friends and help them if they were sad and alone.  We planned activities to support this and had great fun carrying them out!  We did peer massage, which proved very popular, if a little tickly!  The children asked each other’s permission before they touched their backs.  We played a range of classical music for the children to listen to while they were painting and asked them how it made them feel.  The children then painted to express their feelings.  Everyone was included in a team- building task in our Forest School; the children were set a challenge to work together to make an obstacle course with planks, logs and tyres.  It didn’t take them long and there was a lot of negotiation took place in order for them to reach their goal!  We have been talking about farms and farm animals recently in Nursery so I asked the children in Red Group if they could work together to make a large farm for all our animals.  Each child contributed their own enclosures until we had built a fantastic farm for the children to work with. Great team work!

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