We have eight key aims for all of our children.  These are:-

  • Being Independent
  • Being Confident
  • Becoming an interested reader and writer
  • Becoming a problem solver
  • Being resilient
  • Being inquisitive
  • Being a good friend
  • Being at one with nature

We aim for our children to gain an embedded understanding of numbers and be able to count both by rote and using 1-1 correspondence through real-life, hands-on experiences.  Children learn number rhymes, compare amounts, and solve problems.  For example children are encouraged in small groups to know how many children will have milk that day or how many plates will be needed.  Children gain an understanding of shapes, both 2D and 3D, and are supported to talk about their properties whilst playing with them e.g. when building.  Children learn about measurements and are enabled to practice these both indoors and out.  Through our routines, we strive to ensure mathematics is part of our everyday life in the nursery.




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