Forest School is an exciting part of our curriculum that all of our children have access to for one two hour session a week. It is an area which wraps around the School building, where our children can build dens, explore seasonal changes in the environment, look for wildlife and mini beasts, use tools, take risks and cook on a campfire. These are fantastic opportunities which have an enormous impact on the well-being of our children. We notice children who are very quiet in Nursery will begin to take the lead in Forest School. Children work in different friendship groups; they are more willing to take risks outside; take part in activities that they would normally not have the opportunity to experience; and show a different side to their personality.

In order to keep everyone safe in Forest School, we have a number of guidelines that the children must follow. They are made aware of these before and during their session, and the campfire is never lit until everyone has shown that they understand and abide by the rules that are in place.

We invite families in throughout the year to experience Forest School and find out how exciting it is for themselves! The feedback is always fantastic, and everyone has a great time! Please keep a look out for our parent sessions too!

We go into Forest School in all weathers except strong winds, where it is dangerous to be around our well-established trees. Children wear splash suits or snow suits, which we provide at Nursery, and usually bring their own wellies. Often children leave their wellies in Nursery when they move into Reception, so we always have more than enough spare pairs! Your child will get dirty in Forest School so it is important that they have a spare set of clothes in nursery too!