We have been very busy in Red Group since the half term holidays!  We practiced our cutting skills by making a black and orange collage will papers of different textures.  It was tricky, but the children persevered and produced some good work.  Forest School was exciting, as a witch had hidden lots of spooky objects in the Forest and the children had a page of pictures to tick off as they found them.  It was not easy because some of the objects were camouflaged in their surroundings.  The children were really engrossed in this activity and some even found an extra piece of treasure- a scary pumpkin face!

We had our Halloween Party on Wednesday which was a lot of fun!  The children’s costumes were fab and we had a spooky parade at the start of the party.  We played games, had a dance and ate our party food.  Anthony’s Mam brought her animals in (Snails and Tails) and the children enjoyed stroking and just watching the snakes, rabbits and dragons.

Apart from having fun at Halloween we have been talking about our fears and feelings around this time, and what is real and pretend.  The children know that ghosts and witches are not real, but were surprised to discover that skeletons are real and we all have one!