week beginning 19.02.18

This week the Yellow Group have been learning about Chinese New Year. We explored mark making in Chinese using fine brushes and examples of Chinese print and also carried out our very own Chinese Dragon Dance! Some of the children got to play instruments while others dressed as the dragon and danced to the music.

We even had the chance of trying to use chopsticks and tasted different types of Chinese food – the prawn crackers went down a treat! Also, we got crafty and creative as the children were able to make their very own mini Chinese dragons.

This week allowed children the opportunity to learn about different traditions and cultures. The children asked a lot of who, what and why questions and were all willing to try and experience new things.

Click here to see some of the children doing a dragon dance this week

Week Beginning 05.02.18

The Yellow Group went on a walk down to the Forest with some lovely parent helpers. We walked across the bridge and looked down into the River Don. We found a mammy duck and daddy duck swimming by on the morning but on the afternoon we tried our hardest to find them but had no luck…we were quacking for ages!


Some of the children went exploring and found a fallen down tree… we used our imagination and pretended it was a train, all aboard, choo choo! Others were practicing their climbing skills, Harriet proved to be quite a tree climber!


It was a chilly but lovely day!

Thank you to all the parents that came along with us!

week beginning 29.01.18


The children in nursery have taken a particular interest in letters from the alphabet more so the letters in their names. We carried out a Kym’s Game where the children had to recognise which letter was missing. We focused on the first letter in the children’s names to begin with before exploring other letters in the alphabet.

Work time with the end of the week group… The children explored the different areas in the nursery.

Ollie dressed up as a Fireman and helped Harvey build a road.

Scarlett said she was ‘burying the cars under the sand’ and Leon came to help.

Logan, Layton and Dylan appeared to be enjoying the carrots in the house area!



Today at nursery the yellow group joined the other children at circle time and played lots of different ring games. Jack and Leo were dancing in the middle whilst the boys and girls sang ‘Sandy Boy’. Some of the children helped make a rainbow cake in the kitchen, it got a bit messy!! But still looked delicious!


We read a story about ‘The Giant of Jum’ who appeared to be an awful, unkind giant but throughout the story he became a very friendly and helpful friend rather than a foe.


Some of the children explored new tools with Miss Pollard at Forest School, using the hand drill to make holes into their new name pegs! It was a lot of hard work but the children never gave up! Some even recognised their initials that Miss pollard has been burning into them using her wood burner.


The children went of as usual and explored the rest of the Forest school. Some gathered together and made a very long train using the balancing beam as their seats. James was train conductor and off they went choo choo-ing into the world of imagination!

Week Beginning 15.01.18

Davey made a mess in Yellow Group with the alphabet pebbles fortunately the children were super helpful and helped Davey sort them out using the mat to find the correct letters!


At work time some of the children got very messy and helped Miss Begum make Gloop! The children appeared to enjoy the texture changing from a solid to a liquid once it touched their hands. We then added some powder paint and started to mix and make new colours.


Make Gloop at home its easy! All you need is corn flour, some water and mix till it’s a paste then…. Tada! Enjoy all the Gloopiness!


We’ve been very busy in Yellow Group this week. The children have had lots of opportunities to create lots of different Christmas and festive crafts for their grown ups.

Some of the children explored paints to create a surprise for their grown ups… can you guess what it could be?

We also had the chance to read the story ‘The Gruffalo’s Child.’ The children made links back to the story of the Gruffalo and took turns describing what they saw on the pages. Holly even had the matching top on!

The festive crafts will continue…I wonder what we will be making next week.

Week Beginning 06.11.17

Leo was on a roll looking for all the bugs on his list. He found nearly ALL of them by himself!!

James and his mam were looking for creepy crawlies in the secret garden. Mam was less than impressed that she was left with the centipede and even Miss Begum didn’t want it!! James came back and put him in the bug hotel.

Miss Begum and a small group went looking for frogs in the pond. She wasn’t very good so Aadi-May’s mam had to help out catching 2 frogs!! We watched them jump out the net and make big splashes.

Holly’s mam found a few tadpoles swimming around, they were far too small for the camera to capture but there was loads!



Forest School

Some of Yellow Group went on a very exciting bug hunt in Forest school! They found all sorts of creepy crawlies under the logs and rocks. The children used their brushes to scoop up the bugs carefully into their bug pots.

Miss Begum was definitely afraid of some the big spiders crawling around!

Scarlett“I found a snail!”

Leon – “I found a big, big worm!”

Logan found a very slimy slug on our way down to the den.

Cruz had a centipede and a woodlouse in his bug pot.

Yellow Group explored mark making tools in the top room. They used different types of shapes, pens and pencils on a large roll of paper. There was lots of creativity being shown.

Leo – “Ive done a train! There’s some wheels.”

Harriet – “I’m doing a rainbow”

Esme – “I’m making triangles, lots and lots, of triangles.”

Jack – “I did that, there.”




Today the children gathered fruit from the nursery garden.  They even explored the secret nursery garden and collected as many pears, plums, apples and raspberries they could find! They washed them ready for the afternoon and even had some for snack.

After collecting the fruit the children explored the frog pond – Miss Pollard has definitely made a new friend!

The afternoon children chopped the fruit up into little bits and added them to the cake mixture that they made themselves.  We used butter, eggs, flour, vanilla, lemon and baking powder to make a fabulous cake for our autumn celebration tomorrow.

It looks delicious!