week beginning 19.02.18

This week at Nursery, Red Group have been learning about Chinese New Year.  We have also explored chinese writing and some chinese food – using chopsticks is very tricky! We tried noodles and prawn crackers with dips for snack, and they were tasty!  We did a fun dragon dance and some of us played the instruments very loudly!   We also had an important talk about road safety which prompted Max to bring in his safety helmet to show everyone.

Click here to see some of the children doing a dragon dance this week

week beginning 05.02.18

We had a very exciting Forest School walk down beside the river Don this week. Some grown up’s were able to join us on our expedition to the trees and nature trail.  The children found trees to climb and we had a look around for signs of winter and spring.  We were having such a good time that the robin decided to join us too!


Red Group have been very excited to use the laptops this week!  The children are learning how to use the paint section of the ‘2simple’ program and are doing very well although it is tricky using keys instead of a touch screen!  We also have also been working as a team to building structures in the block area.  The morning children chose to build an aeroplane and took turns to be the pilot.  The afternoon children decided on a space rocket and went off to the moon!


The children have enjoyed exploring Numicon this week.  They matched up the shapes on the board and the number line and we did lots of counting together. We are learning how to count 2 groups together – it’s tricky!  Red Group love working with the Numicon so much that they have asked for it again next week!  Following on from last week, the children have also been doing lots of work with letters. We have been having a fun game of ‘Find Your Letter’ at planning time.

Week Beginning 15.1.18

We have had a lot of fun this week exploring colour.  A lot of Red Group children investigated the cornflour mixture at worktime, and were thrilled when they discovered new colours when they mixed in the powder paint.  We have introduced new laptops to the children and hope to have a computer area up and running soon.  Letters and sounds have become a big interest in our group so we base a lot of activities around this. This week, we have encouraged the children to think about the initial letter of their name and other familiar letters, and have planned fun games to promote this.

Week Beginning 04.12.17

It’s getting so close to Christmas!  The children have been busy making calendars and cards for their grown up’s this week. We have also been rehearsing our ‘Wiggly Nativity’ nearly every day!


Week Beginning 13.11.17

Another very busy week!  We have been talking about the very important subject of road safety this week and have re-enforced the message by reading stories, singing songs and watching safety videos.  I think the children now know it is vital that they hold their grown up’s hand when they leave nursery.  A big thank you to the Red Group parents who came to help tidy our outdoor area.  You did a fabulous job! We also had time to do some splash painting which the children enjoyed very much.  It reminded them of Bonfire Night!


Week Beginning 06.11.17

The children have all been really excited to tell me all about their firework experiences!  We have been doing lots of creative work around this theme, encouraging the children to express themselves with sound, colour and movement.  We made chalk pictures and the children talked about the sights, sounds and smells they encountered over the weekend.  We have been talking about fire safety and read ‘ Francis the Firefly’ which talks about the dangers of fire and how to be sensible around it.  Red Group are also becoming good at yoga!