week beginning 19.02.18

Lovely week in Green Room, we have been talking about Chinese New Year. We watched the dragon dance on the large screen then made a dragon so we could join in. We made masks of our favourite animal from the Chinese Story then had a race to see which animal was the fastest.

Click here to see some of the children doing a dragon dance this week

This week we have been focusing on Chinese New Year.  The green group children made a dragon’s body and all of the nursery children joined in a dragon dance outside in the yard.  We have made animal masks so we can have a race like the Chinese zodiac animals.

We also had a road safety talk.  Dave our nursery puppet had been knocked over by a car so we talked about the importance of holding a grown-ups hand, looking and listening and walking across the road.

Week Beginning 05.02.18

This week the green afternoon pm group have been really busy. We played in the snow on Monday, made salt dough heart decorations, had a pancake race and made pancakes for snack. We also used the laptop to plan with, the children were all competent using the mouse pad.

Lovely week in the Green Group-we made pancakes, “These are the best pancakes ever” Oliver said. We then had a pancake race and practised how to flip one. We made Valentines hearts for people we care about using salt dough.

week beginning 29.01.18

The afternoon Green Group have carried out a large scale drawing activity using Numicon, done a placing and arranging activity and explored forest school.  The children have enjoyed painting the wooden house with water so this week we added powder paint.  Most of the green group planned to play with the small blocks at work time. They built towers, castles and even a museum!


This week we have been exploring numicon. We had a race filling the cylinders the children enjoyed cheering on their friends. We also provided a puppet show for the children – The Gruffalo story.



This week in the afternoon green room we have carried out a floating and sinking activity where the children had to guess if an item would float or sink.  We also did a paint mixing activity using primary colours. The children had to guess what the two  colours would make.  They all really enjoyed this activity.

This week in the green room we gathered together with the other groups to talk about fire-how to keep ourselves safe, Oliver then used the blocks to build a fire and dressed up as a fireman. We had an experience this week talking about floating and sinking – we tested a range of resources. We also went outside to explore paint on a large scale using spray bottles, tubs of paint and water.


Week Beginning 15.1.18

This week we explore Lego, we made a road, a house and even a farm yard-We’ve been very busy. It snowed this week; the children had great fun exploring the snow with their friends-we made lots of snow balls.

This week in the Afternoon Green Room we sorted balls from the paddling pool into coloured hoops.  The children have been asking to do this activity for a while so were super excited.  We also explored the lego and there was a lot of collaborative play.  We learned a new song about a pirate ship!

Week Beginning 04.12.17

This week in the afternoon Green group we had a special visitor.  One of Santa’s elves has come to stay in our room.  We decided his name should be Rudolph.  He left some marshmallows for us to make a snowman – it was delicious.

We have been practicing our wriggly nativity, we got to try on our costumes.  We also spent some time doing jigsaws, the children were all really engaged in this activity.


Week Beginning 06.11.17

This week in the green room we made cakes-Max said “these are the best cakes ever”.

We explore colours using pipettes and created models using clay and natural resources.

Green Group Week Beginning 6.11.17

This week in the green room afternoon group we have been conductors with the musical instruments, mixed colours using pipettes and made our own cupcakes for snack.


This week the afternoon Green Room have been tasting porridge like Goldilocks, we did Goldilocks yoga and explored the lego and small world area.

This week in the green room we have been exploring Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We read the story, tasted Salty porridge, sweet and just right porridge. We copied the yoga actions from goldilocks and the 3 bears.

We also used nets to collect the balls to sort into the correct colours-the children did a great job and helped to tidy.